Do you get the shivers every time you get your power bill (even in summer) or maybe you get hot under the collar (even in winter)?

Ok ok, no more of these lame puns. This is not our cup of tea either 🙂

However, there is no denying the fact that the quickly rising electricity prices in Australia have become a major problem to all consumers. After all, it’s not like we can decide to stop consuming this product any time soon.

It also seems like the pace in which electricity prices have been rising has increased substantially over the last few years and has significantly exceeded price rises in other areas as well as the overall inflation.

The reasons for that are many and varied with some of them also being political in nature. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter why this has happened, the thing that matters to us all is what can we do about it? Right?

Many people have opted in recent years to install solar panels on their roof so they can save some money on their power bills while also helping the environment. This makes lots of sense from both the long term dollars and the “feel good” perspectives.

However, putting solar panels on your roof is an expensive proposition and requires an upfront investment of thousands of dollars. Not everyone has this kind of money just sitting around idly.
Furthermore, many Aussies have living arrangements that make it impractical to install solar panels even if we did have the money for it (renters or people living in apartment buildings or unit complexes).

So, what can be done to combat quickly rising electricity prices?

Well, as the legendary Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu said over 2,000 years ago:

In order to defeat your enemy, you must first know your enemy.

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