Saving Ninjas Bootcamp

Learn how to find the best deals on everyday products and services you need and use.

Trim the ‘fat’ off your finances.

Become a
‘Spending Ninja’!

All in just five days!

Squash your bank fees!
How to get rid of all your bank fees for good (whether you’re in Australia or overseas) and regardless of how much money you earn or have?

Squash your Credit Card debt!
How to ‘squash’ any outstanding credit card debt you have quickly and without paying any extra interest (provided you are disciplined!)?

Squash your High Power bills!
How to find the best electricity plan in your local area?
How to find the best deal if you want to go solar without being stung by dodgy operators?
Got solar panels already and want to make the most of it? We will show you how to score the best feed-in tariff

Squash your High Mobile Bills!
How to find the mobile plan that is the best value-for-money for your particular usage patterns?

Score the BEST prices when shopping online & even get some of your money back!
How to quickly find the absolute best prices on almost anything you consider buying?
How to get real cold hard CASH in your pocket almost every time you buy something online or use financial products like insurance policies or managed funds (without any additional cost or effort to you)?

Sure, you can Google that and find all sort of answers to these questions. However, there is a ‘catch’.

Getting information from Google and other search engines is not easy!

Searching, sorting and figuring out the vast maze of potential answers requires time, and usually a great deal of it.

How much is that time worth to you?

Time is the absolute biggest investment any of us can ever make in their lifetime. It is the only resource we can never ever get more of, no matter how much we are willing to pay!

After all, once you spend your time on something, you can never get it back (even the time you spend reading this page which is why we kept it short and sweet).

How about if you could achieve the results you want with a significantly lower investment of your most important resource: time?

How about if it only took you FIVE DAYS of concentrated action?

How about if it didn’t cost you a cent?

Welcome to the Spending Ninjas Bootcamp

This 5 day ‘bootcamp’ program caters specifically for those of you who are time poor (and let’s face it, this is pretty much everyone these days) and have no interest in spending hours on Google figuring things out themselves.

We’ve done all the hard work already and will tell you how to achieve the results you are after through simple daily actions across 5 days.

That’s it! As simple as that.

Every weekday morning (the bootcamp runs Monday to Friday) you’ll be emailed short guidance & one action step to complete that day.

Reading the guide should take no longer than 10 minutes and completing the action step will take no longer than 20 minutes.

That’s a total of 30 minutes work a day across five days (so just 2.5 hours across the entire bootcamp) for shaving hundreds (and potentially even thousands) off your everyday bills.

That’s not a bad hourly rate, don’t you think? 😉


Awesome advice!

I did just what you said in your email and in less than five minutes I had managed to save $30 on my monthly payment. That’s a saving of $360 a year for 5 minutes of my time!

Thanks Spending Hackers!

Kyle Willets

There is nothing we value more in life than time (both yours and ours) so let us make this promise to you:

There will be ZERO ‘fluff’ in our Bootcamp!

There won’t be any of that ‘motivational’ mindset stuff.

We will only send you bite-sized actionable information and then explain how to use it quickly & easily.

Also rest assured that your email address will never be passed on to someone else. That will be a breach of our privacy policy as well as the law!

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