They say good things come in pairs, right?

Well, the Spending Hackers are happy to deliver.

In this post we cover not one but two current promotions that give us the thing that makes us the happiest here at Spending Hacker HQ: cold hard CASH for little to no effort!

If you are eligible for both and follow the simple instructions below, you will score a combined $175 in cash bonus from ANZ and ING Direct banks.

Let’s get right into it.


Promotion number 1: $100 from ANZ

ANZ will pay you $100 cash for opening an ‘Access Advantage‘ transaction account and ‘shuffling’ some money in and out.

In order to be eligible, you need to be either brand new to ANZ or an existing customer who on 31/07/2014 did not have one of the following accounts:

  • ANZ Access Advantage;
  • ANZ Access Select;
  • ANZ Pensioner Advantage;
  • ANZ Everyday Visa Debit;
  • ANZ Access Basic;
  • ANZ Access Limited;
  • ANZ Access Savings; and
  • ANZ Passbook Savings.

Also, you will not be eligible if you have previously in 2014 received a cash bonus from ANZ for opening an Access Advantage account (meaning you opened one this year just to get some free cash and subsequently closed it after you got paid).

If you did this prior to 2014 then you are technically eligible and should give this a go.

If you are eligible, here is what you need to do:

  1. Open an Access Advantage account by 31/08/2014 either at an ANZ branch (but only in NSW or ACT) or online. Make sure you only open this particular account as only this specific product is part of this promotion.
  2. Deposit at least $2,000 in total into the new account by 30/09/2014. This money does not have to stay in the account and can be withdrawn the next day (which is what we recommend you do).
  3. Register for (if not already registered) and log on to ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ goMoney™ App by 30/09/2014.
  4. Wait and keep the account open until 15/10/2014 which is the date by which you will be paid your $100 into your new ANZ account. If you get paid sooner, you can withdraw your money and close the account sooner.

For those of you who have a ‘better half’ we strongly recommend that you don’t open a joint account with this promotion. Instead, provided both of you are eligible, each of you should open an account in their own personal name and that way you get paid two lots of $100.

As you probably gathered from our tone, this ANZ product is far from getting the tick of approval from the Spending Hackers!
As a matter of fact, this transaction account is very ordinary indeed given it has monthly account keeping fees unless you meet a minimum deposit requirement every month.

The only reason we mention it is because we want you to get your hands on an easy $100 and become ‘promiscuous consumers‘ like us.

Due to the fact that you will only get paid your $100 in October and ANZ will slug you with a $5 account keeping fee if you don’t meet the minimum deposit requirement, you will need to ‘shuffle’ at least $2,000 in an out of your new ANZ account in both August and September (the deposit must clear into the ANZ account by the last business days of August and September). This is very easy to set-and-forget through your current account’s internet banking facility.

The first ‘shuffle’ is mandatory in order for you to qualify for the $100 cash bonus (as per point 2 above) but the second one is only required if you want to avoid the $5 account keeping fee.

If you are ok with paying it and only profiting $95 from this deal, you don’t need to make the second deposit. Furthermore, If you are a student or a pensioner, ANZ will waive the account keeping fee if you show proper proof (student card/pensioner card or seniors card) at an ANZ branch.

In some rare cases, or if you are an existing customer, ANZ will be able to complete the account opening process when you apply online. For most of you however, you will need to go into an ANZ Branch (Australia Post does not conduct ID checks for ANZ) after receiving the email from ANZ with your new account details, in order to complete the ID check. A Passport/Drivers License and Medicare card will do.

Once you get paid your $100, you should ‘take the money and run’ so to speak: empty the account and then close it immediately as there are a lot better transaction accounts for you to choose from.

As a matter of fact, we talk about one of the better ones in promotion number 2 just below.

Promotion number 2: $75 from ING Direct

The transaction account from ING Direct is a fine and impressive specimen indeed and a must-have tool in the ‘tool belt’ of every self-respecting Spending Hacker!  🙂 If you don’t have one yet, you need to get yourself one ASAP and now you even get the chance to be paid $75 for doing so.

Why do we like the Orange Everyday transaction account so much you ask?

Well, for the following reasons:

  • It has no account keeping or domestic transaction fees of any kind regardless of how much money you deposit or regularly keep in there. It also gives you fee-free access to bank cheques, including mailing them by registered post to any third party in Australia you nominate.
  • You can withdraw cash from EVERY SINGLE ATM in Australia (yes, even those at airports, pubs and clubs) and will never pay a cent in dreaded ‘operator fees’, provided you make a deposit of at least $1,000 into the account every month (your salary or any other regular income you receive will do). This is currently the only transaction account in Australia which allows you to use every single ATM in the country for free. ING will simply provide an instant rebate of any ATM operator fee you are charged.
  • Provided you meet the monthly deposit requirement, ING will provide an instant 2% cashback on any contactless purchase you make with your linked Visa debit card using PayWave. We should mention that you can score a higher cashback of 5% with ME bank but that is restricted to new customers only and only for the first 6 months from account opening.

Sounds good so far?

Great, but now let’s get you some cold hard CASH ($75 to be exact) to sweeten the deal even further.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Be a customer who never had an Orange Everyday account before.
  2. Register your details online here.
  3. Open an Orange Everyday account by 05/09/2014.
  4. Deposit at least $1000 into your new account by 31/10/2014. The money doesn’t have to stay in the account and can be withdrawn the next day.
  5. Wait and get paid $75 into your Orange Everyday account within 6 weeks of completing steps 1 to 4 above.

As with the ANZ promotion, we strongly recommend that if you have a ‘better half’ and you are both eligible, each of you apply for the account separately (so no joint accounts) in order to score the cash bonus twice.

Unlike the ANZ product, this one is a ‘keeper’ and is the account we officially recommend as the BEST one for most of you.

If you need a solution for when you travel overseas (as ING does charge for currency conversions and withdrawals at ATMs overseas) or can’t meet the $1000 monthly deposit requirement in order to score fee-free access to all ATMs in Australia, we got you covered as well.

Just subscribe for free in the box below this post and you will find out our proposed solution instantly.

Hopefully we can continue to be your personal ‘Santas’ and deliver more of these cash bonus deals in the near future. Keep ’em coming we say! 🙂


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