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Crowed-sourced Cheap Petrol in your pocket

Cheap Petrol

Power to the people! This catch phrase is normally associated with various political movements and agendas. You would not often think that people power can help you get cheap petrol and ease the pain at the bowser. Would you? After all, it’s not like we as individuals can make our own petrol at home, right? 😉 […]

Getting the Most out of Supermarket Loyalty Programs

supermarket loyalty programs

Here at Spending Hacker we are not big fans of loyalty programs. It seems that the ABC’s outstanding consumer affairs show The Checkout aren’t fans of them either… We don’t like collecting points/stamps/coupons/whatever as we believe that the only ones who benefit from that are the retailers. No thanks, we would rather get paid instead. […]

Credit score: the secret number that rules your life!

Changes to credit report

Did you know that the way the credit reporting system works in Australia has changed significantly in March 2014? Since then, a new concept has been introduced to Australia, which has been at the core of the credit reporting system in many other countries (like the UK or the US) for many many years now. It’s called: credit […]