Buying groceries is an essential part of our everyday routine.

Each of us might live in different places, work in different jobs and have different interests. However, we all gotta eat! (even those that are on a diet 😉 )

A small minority of us might be willing and able to grow most of their food themselves. For the rest of us, regular visits to the supermarket are an essential part of life.

However, life also gets pretty busy. People work more and more hours and as a result, have less and less spare time to spend with their friends and family. We are also less keen to waste time sitting in traffic or queuing up at the supermarket checkout.

As a result, more and more people now prefer to do their grocery shopping online at a time which suits them. No traffic, no crowded stores and no queuing up at the checkouts.

When this phenomena first started a few years ago, Coles and Woolies were not overly keen to jump on-board this trend as they thought it will only be a small minority of ‘early adopters’ who will regularly do their grocery shopping online.

As a result, their online grocery shopping offering was quite mediocre as they did not see a need to invest much in those platforms.

Well, things have definitely changed!

Nowadays, the competition between Woolies & Coles, Australia’s two retail behemoths, is as fierce online as it is in their stores and each of them have invested huge resources into revamping their online grocery shopping platforms, catering for the growing number of busy Australians who prefer to have their groceries delivered to their door instead of walking into a supermarket and going through the aisles.

In order to entice more people to try online grocery shopping for the first time, as well as to encourage existing customers to do it again, Woolworths have teamed up with Groupon, the biggest group buying company in the world, to offer a unique offer for November only: 20% off your next shop with the Woolworth online grocery shopping service.

With the rising cost of living and as we approach Christmas, this is timely and very welcome. We intend to take full advantage of this and strongly suggest you consider doing the same.

Before we get into the details of this offer, there is something we would like you to be aware of: prices in both the Coles and Woolworths online stores are usually higher than in their physical stores.

This has been observed by many online shoppers (including ourselves) and was also recently verified in independent research.

Basically, the supermarkets ‘load up’ the price of their products online in order to cover their additional staffing costs as their workers need to collect the various items purchased on behalf of the customer instead of the customer going through the aisles and doing it themselves.

However, there is one group of products where the supermarkets almost always don’t load up their prices and they are kept the same as in-store: their weekly specials.

Therefore, we suggest that you restrict your online grocery shopping mainly to items that are on special that week.

Now that we got this disclaimer out of the way, let’s dive right into the details of the deal. Here is what you need to know.

First, you need to buy a $100 voucher for the Woolworths online store from Groupon. The cost of the voucher is $80 and this is where your 20% discount comes from.

Second, you MUST use the voucher by 30/11/2014 and in one purchase.

If you don’t use it by the deadline, it will expire worthless and you will not be entitled to any refund. This is a key condition of the deal.

You must also use the entire $100 credit in one purchase and if your shop is less than $100 any remaining credit amount is forfeited and can not be used in any future purchases. This is another key condition of the deal.

Finally, keep in mind that this $100 credit you buy can only be used in the Woolworth online store. It cannot be used in the physical stores as the whole purpose of this promotion is to get you to do your grocery shopping online.

If you think any (or all) of the above conditions can’t work for you, do not buy!

There are also two more conditions in this deal but these can be easily worked around:

  1. Each Groupon member (membership is free) can only buy ONE such voucher
  2. Every online order can only use ONE such credit voucher.

If you want to buy and use more than one, what you should do is get another family member to join Groupon and buy an additional voucher and then make a separate order in the Woolworths online store (with their own separate registration). Just make sure that the second order amount is also at least $100 otherwise you will lose some of the credit.

Once you’ve made your order, you have two ways to receive it: by collecting it at any Woolworths store of your choice, or through home delivery.

Collecting in store is FREE but home delivery has an additional charge of $11. You can avoid this delivery charge (and potentially score an extra 10% discount but that one is not guaranteed to work) if this is the first time you’ve ever ordered from the Woolworths online grocery shopping service.


A few more offers to consider, even if you don’t want to shop online

Whether or not the offer described above works for you, the Woolworths Group have partnered with Groupon to also offer you discounted gift vouchers which can be quite handy for Christmas.

All these deals can be used both online and in-store and the gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase. They also do not have to be used up in a single purchase like the previous offer which means they offer a bit more flexibility.

Here they are:

  • 5% off Woolworths Supermarkets gift cards – available in denominations of $10,$20,$50,$100,$200 and $500.
  • 5% off Big W gift cards – available in denominations of $10,$20,$50,$100,$200 and $500.
  • 5% off Masters Hardware gift cards – available in denominations of $10,$20,$50,$100,$200 and $500. If you need Christmas supplies, Masters have Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, and even Christmas Trees
  • 5% off BWS Liquor gift cards – available in denominations of $10,$20,$50,$100,$200 and $500.
  • 5% off Caltex Woolworths Petrol gift cards – available in denominations of $10,$20,$50,$100,$200 and $500. These gift cards cannot be used online for obvious reasons 😉

Hopefully, these two offers should help you save some dough in what is the biggest shopping season of the year.

If you have any questions or comments, the comment box awaits below.



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