As you probably know by now, our absolute favourite deals here at Spending Hacker are the kind that pay us cold hard CASH for little to no effort.

We like discounts and vouchers as much as the next person, however, nothing beats Cash.

After our previous post, we are happy to say that we now have more free money on tap for you. Not only that, we don’t have just one way for you to get some free money, but two!

Let’s get right into it.

First Offer – Suncorp


Simple proposition:

1. Open an eligible account before 04/10/2013.
2. Deposit at least $2,000 within 4 weeks from opening the account.
3. Wait 4 weeks.
4. Collect $50 cash. Free Money!

We suggest you open the Everyday Basics account as it is the only one of the three eligible accounts that has no account keeping and no transaction fees.

If you already hold a transaction account with Suncorp (savings accounts are OK!), then you are not eligible for this offer and will not get paid. Remember what we said about loyalty before?

The only potential hassle with this offer is the fact that Suncorp does not support online ID verification so once you’ve opened your account online, you will either need to go into a branch (if you have one nearby), Australia Post or a JP/Police station in order to have your ID documents certified and your ID check completed.


Second Offer – Citibank

Again, pretty simple:

1. Open a Citibank Plus Transaction account and a Citibank Online Saver Savings account. Both are 100% fee-free with no strings attached. This needs to be done before the end of 2013 (i.e. by 31/12/2013).
2. Deposit at least $3,000 into your Citibank Plus transaction account every month for 12 months. The money does not have to stay in the account for the entire month. You can withdraw it back out the next day and repeat the process the next month.
3. After 12 months, collect $120 cash. Free Money!

If you can’t complete the ID check online, you will need to go to an Australia Post branch to verify your identity.

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Now go out there and get some FREE MONEY!




Before you go:

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