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Loyalty is Dead!

Loyalty is dead

Loyalty is a great character trait to have when dealing with your friends and family but can absolutely destroy you as a consumer. Gone are the days that companies are rewarding customers for loyalty and you will NEVER get the absolute best terms and value for money if you are loyal. Instead, I suggest you […]

Saving Money on your Energy Bill

Saving Money on your Energy Bill

In this quick ACTION guide we’re going to show you a few simple strategies for conserving electricity and cutting your energy costs. Even if the monthly saving figure is modest, the accumulated savings over a period of time can be significant. Remember, ongoing saving are always a priority, especially if they are easy to implement. […]

How to lower the cost of car ownership?

Lower cost of car ownership

Did you know that Aussie households are spending more than $20,000 every year on car expenses? Let that sink in for a second…. Furthermore, many Aussies fail to realise they could reduce those costs by half or more if they make some simple changes. Take in maintenance, fuel, insurance, registration and depreciation, and car owners are […]