We will show you how to cut your everyday bills by half (at least), save thousands of dollars a year and become a Savings Ninja –

All without wasting your precious time or money!


What mobile plan is the best value for money?

What broadband plan is the best value for money?

What is the best way to stop paying those annoying account keeping & ATM withdrawal fees?

What is the fastest way to substantially reduce your electricity bill without compromising your lifestyle or resorting to candles?

Most importantly: how do I spend less & get more on the everyday products and services I need?

Search engines have become the default means to get those answers. Yet learning from search engines is fraught with difficulty.

Searching, sorting, synthesizing, and evaluating the vast maze of potential answers requires time, and sometimes a great deal of it.

Even when you’re lucky and find something that looks good to you as far as value for money, then another set of questions arises:

Is this the BEST deal I can get?

Is it the ABSOLUTE BEST value for money offer on this product or service?

Is the information reliable and more importantly, unbiased?

You might then decide to check a few price comparison websites you are familiar with, “just to be sure”.

Before you know it, you have 30 tabs open on your browser, half your day is gone looking through the various offerings, and you are none the wiser. Have you ever wondered how much that lost time is actually worth? Well, this is where we come in!

“I’ve only been a member for 2 months now and I love receiving these emails, and as yourselves I also love saving money too. I have started to look into and use a number of offers referred to in your emails. The best part of what you do is you provide information on every day items and services which real people use on a daily basis, I think that is amazing and am very thankful for the service offered!” Harley Parremore, Melbourne

The Spending Hacker Solution

Our aim here at Spending Hacker is not to be another price comparison website.

No, here at Spending Hacker we are DIFFERENT!

We won’t ask you to fill out long forms and decipher long and complicated tables. We also don’t believe you should be wasting your valuable time by visiting multiple websites to find the best value in various areas of your life as a consumer. Life is too short for that!

Also, we make sure we help you in the areas that really matter so that, unlike the majority of Australians, you get real savings and not focus on the stuff that might give you instant gratification but minuscule savings in the grand scheme of things.

Basically, we are here to help you with the ‘big ticket’ items of your everyday life as a consumer.

We do ALL the work for you and make sure we present you with the absolute BEST value for money offers that are out there, on products and services you need and use in your everyday life. Not good, not second best…only the ABSOLUTE BEST!

We do extensive research and work our magic behind the scenes so you don’t have to!

You see, pulling all the facts together requires not only time but also skills.

For years, we researched various sources and looked for better deals from just about every company in existence. We read books, saving advice articles, and research studies. We became the Spending Hackers.

Brilliant advices! I did just what you said in your email and in less than five minutes I had managed to save $30 off my plan a month AND received an upgrade to my plan. That’s a saving of $360/year with very little effort. Thanks Spending Hackers for helping to save me even more money!!. Kyle Willets

Our Mission and Promise To You

Our aim is to cater specifically for those of you who are time poor (and let’s face it, this is pretty much everyone these days) and have no interest in trawling the Internet for hours on end in order to find the best value on what they need.

We will do this for you, FREE OF CHARGE and with no need to provide any personal information other than your name & email and no obligation to make any purchases!

We want to be your compass in the vast and treacherous ocean that is the modern consumer world. We will show you the way in a reliable manner and with a steady hand.

However, we aim to do more than that.

We are not here just to recommend you products. We are here to EMPOWER you as a consumer.

We are here to educate you but do that in a fun and engaging manner without any jargon or other BS.

We are straight shooters and the last thing we want is to see people wasting their time.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Here is what you can expect if you join our free private mailing list:


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As you already know most of the really good deals are time sensitive – therefore, the sooner you know about them, the sooner you can act to secure them.

We constantly scan the net for deals and will let you know as soon as a great bargain appears.

As with everything else, these deals will only be on products and services you actually need and use and we will only present you with the ones that offer significant savings.

If a deal expires within 7-10 days from when we notify you about it, the email you receive from us will be marked as a “Flash Alert”.
If you see these words at the start of the subject line of an email you receive from us, you need to act quickly if you want to secure that particular deal.

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Among other things, these reports cover:

  • The best bank account for personal use.
  • The best way to earn cashback on almost any product or service you already spend money on.
  • The best ways to save on your power bills and deal with the constantly rising prices of electricity.
  • The best mobile & broadband internet plans you can get without locking yourself into a contract.
  • plus lots more!

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“Your reports backed up my own choices so that gave me peace of mind. Keep up the good work!” Stephen Gray

So with so many benefits what are you waiting for! Come and join our rapidly growing tribe and start saving from day one.

Oh, one more important thing before we forget: We are completely unbiased and fiercely independent!

Not only will we find for you the absolute best value on everyday products & services, we also want to assure you that we are completely unbiased in our recommendations and would never be influenced by commissions or other kickbacks.

We’re also getting ‘famous’ for the work we’re doing to help Aussie consumers.

Below are some of the publications where we’ve been featured. The full list can be found here.


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They do not pay us to promote them and have no influence whatsoever over the products and services we cover on this site or any of our other editorial decisions.

We will NEVER present a product or a service that we are not happy to use ourselves (or are already using) and recommend to our own family members!


P.S. You can unsubscribe at any time so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We will include an opt-out link in each message, not only because it’s the law but because we think it’s the right thing to do. If you can’t see the value in what we deliver (which is highly unlikely), simply unsubscribe. No hard feelings (but there might be a few tears 😉 ).

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