Let’s face it…spending more when you can get the same or even better for less is not fun!

We don’t like it either.

Have you ever spent hours upon hours searching “bargain” sites for the best deal around?

There are literally thousands of “deals” or “bargains” sites out there, presumably with an intent to lower your expenses.

But research and our own experience show that not only do they not do so, they actually increase your spending and are a surefire way to cause you to spend money you don’t have to spend.

Do you really need that new kitchen appliance or another piece of furniture?

Do you just aimlessly spend your hard-earned savings on those so called “bargains” that you otherwise would never purchase?

Here at Spending Hacker we are DIFFERENT:

  1. We recommend to you only products you actually need and use.

  2. We find you the absolute BEST offers out there. Not good, not second best.. only the BEST!

  3. Most importantly, we show you deals that reduce your spending…not increase it.

For years, we searched the Internet and looked for better deals in almost any area of our lives and from just about every company in existence.

We read books, saving advice articles, and research studies.

We became the Spending Hackers.

“I’ve only been a member for 2 months now and I love receiving these emails, and as yourselves I also love saving money too. I have started to look into and use a number of offers referred to in your emails. The best part of what you do is you provide information on every day items and services which real people use on a daily basis, I think that is amazing and am very thankful for the service offered!” Harley Parremore, Melbourne

Who Are We and How We Can Help You?

We are a bunch of everyday Aussies just like you.

The only difference is that we might have more knowledge and experience than average Australians when it comes to savvy spending and knowing how to secure the BEST deal and where to look for it.

It’s not that we are smarter than any of you. Not at all!

It’s just that bargain hunting is a great passion for us.

We are also quite angry.

Why are we angry?

We are angry seeing our fellow Aussies being taken for a ride.

Seeing big business ripping consumers off just because they can and because they think those people don’t know any better, really makes us MAD!

There are many reasons for that but the main ones are lack of decent competition in many areas and especially lack of consumer awareness.

Many Australians are simply overwhelmed by the amount of consumer information and product advertising thrown at them from every possible media outlet (both online and offline) and don’t know where to look for reliable and actionable guidance they can both use and trust.

After all, life gets busy and most people don’t have the time, skill or inclination to look for the BEST value on the products and services they need.

This is a problem we hope to solve by using our acquired skills and experience to help you!

Our goal (call it our mission statement if you will) is:

To help everyday Australians, just like you, get the BEST value on products & services they actually need and use.

We don’t believe that people should spend their life acquiring ‘stuff’.

Instead, we would much rather see people living life on their own terms!

And before you start worrying, we are NOT cheapskates and we don’t necessarily believe in budgeting.

We don’t propose you start depriving yourself of life’s joys and little luxuries.

Just like you, we want to have it all! 🙂

We simply propose the following two principles to live life by:

1. Purchase only what you TRULY need and use – lasting happiness doesn’t come from acquiring more stuff we don’t really need but from the experiences and connections we have in our lifetime, which we are free to enjoy in full without having debt drag us down. To us, this is what TRUE freedom and happiness is!

2. BEST value for money – when spending money on a product or a service, it’s important to make sure that you get the ABSOLUTE BEST value for money.
Value for money is not always the cheapest in absolute dollar terms (the ‘cheap and nasty’ stuff is just like that – nasty!).
Value for money in our books is the absolute cheapest option which meets or exceeds your needs.

Our motto is: Spend LESS and Get MORE.

We hope you will give us the chance to prove to you that this is indeed achievable.

However, our goal is not simply just to save you money.

Our goal is to empower you as a consumer and hopefully create a critical mass of Aussie consumers who are savvy, can spot good value when they see it, know their rights and are not afraid to exercise them as well as willing to punish those businesses (both big and small) who try to rip us all off or simply don’t do the right thing by us.

So, without further introductions, We invite you to join us for the ride to a smarter spending you.

It might be wild at times – we are pretty blunt people who don’t mince words and say it like it is – but it will be lots of fun and most importantly, it will save you LOTS of money. Guaranteed!

“Love your work guys, it’s all very helpful and easy to implement!” Kyall Pocock

Meet the ‘Chief Hacker’

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Michael Ginsburg and I’m the ‘Chief Hacker’ and Founder of Spending Hacker.

Bargain hunting has always been a big passion of mine and probably the one ‘sport’ no one could ever beat me in!

After all, if chess or computer games are considered sport (both have massive global tournaments with big cash prizes) then I reckon so should bargain hunting! 😉

Since my high school days, I realised that I really enjoy finding the best deal on everything. However, this wasn’t necessarily just about saving money.

No, for me it was a lot more than that. It was almost like an obsession! It was a puzzle, a challenge to be conquered.

I took bargain hunting in its most literal sense: I was a ‘hunter’ going after his ‘prey’ and it was all about the thrill of the chase!

Fast forward a few years and I started helping friends and family uncover true bargains (and let me tell you that there are plenty out there if you know where to look!).

I haven’t really stopped since.

For a very long time, people kept telling me that I’m really good at this and that I should find a way to use my skills to help others. Well, this is my attempt at doing so and giving back.

I believe that one of fundamental aspirations every one of us has is to find a skill for which they have a natural talent for (and everyone has one of those!) and then use it to help others.

This may sound a bit idealistic or even lame to some but I genuinely believe that!

Who knows, maybe one day bargain hunting will be recognised as an Olympic sport. If that ever happens, I promise to win gold for Australia.

Until then, I’ll be here…..waiting 😉