If you are reading this report, you are almost certainly using this service.

You might or might not be footing the bill (depends on where and who you are) but you are definitely using it.

This service is called internet access.

High speed internet access has become an essential part of modern life. It is now like any other utility.

We’re certain you would never contemplate living your life without being connected to power and the water system. We’re sure that most of you share the same feeling with regards to their internet connection.

Unfortunately, like with many other products and services in Australia, consumers usually pay more and get less in this country compared to their counterparts in the rest of the developed (and even some of the developing) world.

Due to Australia’s vast size and sparse population, the state of internet access is still pretty dismal for many.

In an effort to change this dismal reality that strongly impacts Australia’s productivity and standing in the global community, the federal government has launched a massive (and very costly) project called the National Broadband Network (NBN). The aim of which is to ensure that every Australian has access to high speed internet.

There is quite a fierce political debate about the NBN and its funding model in which we respectfully refuse to participate. The only thing we would say is that some sort of solution was indeed urgently needed to expand the footprint of broadband internet in Australia.

With the NBN slowly being rolled out across the country, another option for high speed internet access has been added. The other two that have existed for some time now are ADSL (which requires a fixed phone line connection) and mobile broadband (which does not require a phone line).

We will cover all three options in this report and, true to our motto, will show you how, with the right knowledge and information at your disposal, you can ‘win’ as a consumer by Spending Less and Getting More.

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