Do you own a pair of bicycles?

If so, do you ride them often?

Do you ever ride your bike to work?

We all know that riding a bike has tremendous health benefits but you could also save a lot of time and nerves while also getting a workout without spending a cent If you choose to ride your bike to work.

Despite all these benefits, the popularity of riding bikes amongst Aussie adults hasn’t been going through the roof, to put it mildly.

According to a survey conducted in 2013, the percentage of Australians who cycle daily has increased at a much slower rate in the last 20 years than the overall population growth.

Sure, being the sports mad nation that we are, there is always an uptick in the number of Australians jumping on their bikes when our country gets a big win in the sport of cycling, such as when Cadel Evans became the first Australian to ever win the tour de France back in 2011.

However, the enthusiasm often wears off quite quickly after that.

There have been many reasons floated over the years as to why cycling in Australia is just not as popular as it is in many other developed countries (especially in Europe) and the two main ones that always come up at the top are lack of proper infrastructure (i.e. dedicated bicycle lanes) and proper legislation to ensure the safety of both cyclists and other road users.

With regards to legislation, many Australian states (such as Queensland, Victoria and SA) have introduced special amendments to the road rules that are aimed at protecting cyclists.

As far as dedicated bike lanes, this is hailed by many leading experts as the best way to encourage more people to get on their bikes for the daily commute to and from work as well as for recreation and sport.

These issues however, are outside the scope of what we deal with here at Spending Hacker. We care about one thing only: helping you get the best value on the everyday products or services you need.

So, whether you are already a regular cyclist and just need a new pair of wheels or a ‘newbie’ who wants to get into cycling, we will show you the two places in Australia where you can go to find the best deal on your bicycles and any accessories you might need for them.

As with most things these days, if you want to get the best price, it is best if you buy your bikes online.

If you’re just looking for a cheap pair of secondhand bikes, you can turn to Gumtree or Ebay.

However, if you’re looking for a new pair or are very particular about your bicycle (or accessories) but don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet getting them, we have two options for you to consider.

Option 1: Pushys

Pushys are an Australian online retailer selling Road, Mountain and BMX Bikes and also Scooters.

They also sell any accessories you might need for them.

Their product range is massive with over 15,000 individual product lines available to choose from. Most importantly, this is not stock that only exists on paper.

Everything they sell on the website is currently available in stock for immediate delivery. Anything you order before 3pm on a weekday will be sent out to you on that same day.

Better yet, all orders over $100 come with free shipping.

Pushys also have a physical mega-store located in the ACT so if you live in the area, you can go there and check out some of the stuff they stock.

You are also free to buy in-store if you choose to but Pushys makes it clear that prices in the store are often higher than on their website because they have to cover operating expenses such as salaries and rent.

Well, at least they are honest about it 🙂

As far as buying through the website, they accept PayPal and all credit and debit cards as well as more ‘old school’ methods such as direct bank transfer or even cheques through the mail.

The main reason why we decided to include Pushys in this post is due to the fact that they are currently running their (extended) boxing day sale in which a lot of their cycling gear is reduced by 70% and riding apparel is discounted by as much as 80% off what they normally sell them for.

They also run a clearance sale on all shoes & protective gear (helmets, gloves etc) as well as BMX bikes and their accessories & tyres.

Finally, they offer up to 75% off bike wheels.

But wait!

You can get extra discount on top of the heavily reduced prices using the following coupon codes (which you can use in as many transactions as you like. There are no restrictions!)

  • 1FF7 – Spend at least $70 and get $10 off;
  • 2FF13 – Spend at least $130 and get $20 off;
  • 3FF19 – Spend at least $190 and get $30 off;
  • 4FF25 – Spend at least $250 and get $40 off;
  • 9FF9 – Spend at least $900 and get $90 off; and
  • 15FF15 –  Spend at least $1500 and get $150 off.

The sale is due to end by 22/01/2016 but Pushys reserve the right to end it sooner if they sell out.

This is a great chance to grab a bargain or even just do some price checks so that you can use them to compare prices with the second retailer we cover in this post, or anyone else in your local area.

Option 2: 99 Bikes

Unlike Pushys who have a very limited physical presence (and which you will pay a premium for if you decide to shop in-store), this mob has a wider physical presence in Australia with stores located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine coast and Ipswich.

If you live near one of their stores, you are welcome to shop there and will pay the same price as on the website.

If you shop online, their threshold to qualify for free shipping is twenty dollars lower than Pushys and kicks in at $80 but it excludes bulky items such as bikes (which is one of the main things people wanna buy there. Duh!).

If you spend less than $80 then shipping is at a flat rate of $9.95 but again, it excludes bulky items.

While 99 Bikes doesn’t have as big of a range as Pushys, they promote two selling points as far as their pricing:

  1. They have a price beat guarantee which covers any of their competitors in Australia, be it a physical shop or an online retailer.
  2. Every fortnight, they offer a small range of products which they claim have the best price in the world. To be honest with you, this seems more like a marketing trick to us than anything else as we struggle to believe that they can offer better prices than some huge global retailers operating overseas, who buy massive amount of merchandise in bulk.

Either way, our research indicates they are indeed quite competitive on price when compared to local retailers, including major discount department stores such as BigW and Kmart.

99 Bikes are currently running a clearance sale (available through their website only) in which they offer discounts of between 15% and 50% off their normal prices on 2100 individual bikes from 80 different models so if you’re in the market for one, it’s definitely worth your while to take a look.

If you make your purchase by 06/03/2016, you can also get a discount off your purchase with the following coupon codes:

  • $20 off your purchase provided you spend at least $200 by applying the coupon code bargainavenue
  • $25 off your purchase provided you spend at least $250 by applying the coupon code 25discount

Before you buy though, make sure you also check the price of your desired bike or accessory at Pushys.

If it’s lower than what 99 Bikes sells the exact same item for, ask them for a price beat.


Obviously we could not check the prices for every single model of bicycles and accessories against the competitors of both of these retailers so if you found prices for specific items to be cheaper somewhere else, we (as well as the other readers) would greatly appreciate the ‘heads up’.

Just let us know in the comments below.

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